Using principles of organic gardening, the Ecology Garden endeavours to provide a relaxing natural environment for enjoyment and to help increase awareness of the need to protect the environment.

The Cobourg Ecology Garden is located close to downtown Cobourg at the end of Hibernia Street between Legion Village and the waterfront.


The Cobourg Ecology Gardeners endeavour to educate the public on the importance of our environment by increasing the awareness of the need to protect and maintain green space and native species while attempting to beautify our community to be enjoyed by all for generations to come.

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Gardening Styles within the Garden

  • A wildflower garden
  • A sunken pond/bog garden
  • A butterfly garden
  • An herb garden
  • An ornamental grass garden
  • A shade garden
  • A rose garden
  • bluebirdA nut grove
  • Raised beds or "Ability Gardens"
  • Meandering pathways
  • A pollinator garden
  • A serenity area and wildlife habitat

Ongoing Contributions Keep Your Garden Growing ~ Thank you!!

The development and maintenance of the Garden comes from:wheelbarrow

  • Corporate donations
  • Individual donors
  • Government funding
  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation

A full list of sponsors is here.

Help keep the garden growing.

How the Ecology Garden benefits the Community

  • By providing a relaxing natural environment for enjoyment.
  • By iIllustrating techniques of gardening which do not adversely affect the environment.
  • By beautification of the area and its surroundings.
  • By providing an abundant source of naturally grown plant material for fauna including bugs, butterflies, birds, and humans alike.