A new booklet is available by Margaret Bain which describes Cobourg Harbour, its Headland, its Ecology Garden, and its West Beach as one of the town’s finest assets – a restful and restorative place to walk in beautiful surroundings, enjoying the constantly-changing lake and the wide sky.

But this well-loved spot also hosts exceptionally rich and diverse wildlife – the hundreds of birds, insects, and plants that live or visit here through the year. This booklet illustrates some of the surprises and delights to be found through each of the four seasons. From the first bright wood-warblers racing north in spring, through the butterflies of summer and the scarlet leaves of fall, to winter’s diving ducks and white-winged gulls from the Arctic, you should find much to search for and savour in these pages.

Below is the cover and ordering information.  Click the image to go to the site where you can buy the booklet.

CEG booklet